Timeline of Humanity
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It is a huge task to write down the contents of the history of humanity on this platform. Many aspects have to be considered and it takes some skill to write in such a way that the visitors do not click away after a few moments. Maybe you are exactly the expert we are still looking for. Various input donors enrich the website and make the history of mankind come alive. Participation can take place on different levels:

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Timeline-Of-Humanity.com consists of four major themes. We do not claim to present the history of mankind in an all-embracing way, but we set a few accents by placing important personalities, events and periods in the chronological context. The major themes revolve around 

The Power

This includes rulers and politicians, military leaders, wars and also activists.

The Jewish-Christian Tradition    

We start with the patriarchs of the Old Testament up to the most important Christian figures of the New Testament and Christians who subsequently entered the stage of the world. Also in this category are other founders of religions.

The Evolution of Mankind

Think of all the important inventions, achievements and developed technologies. Important entrepreneurs have existed at all times. The influence of science and research have always elevated mankind to new spheres.  

Art and Culture

Where man can leave behind the daily struggle for survival with his labor, he begins to occupy himself with many subjects. Writers, philosophers, artists, painters and musicians bear witness to this and have shaped the eras. Again and again they have influenced and developed each other. Last but not least, it is the music, which has a very special significance. Be it classical music to all styles of modernity.

We start the time travel with the ancient times and go through all eras until the information age. It is interesting to see how humanity and cultures developed throughout the centuries. In Timeline-Of-Humanity.com you can choose the different eras and categories you are interested in. 

It is not at all the case that human progress is linear. In the Middle Ages, after the fall of the Roman Empire, for example, many achievements had been lost again, some of which were rediscovered only in the Renaissance era. The most important events also initiated the turn of the epoch. For example, the fall of the Roman Empire ushered in the Middle Ages. Later, the Reformation in Europe gave birth to the Modern Era. The Industrial Age came with the technical development that began in the middle of the 18th century. 

The current information age in which we find ourselves has brought an unprecedented expansion of knowledge to mankind. In fact, we are only at the beginning, because topics such as Big Data and artificial intelligence will be the main drivers of the 21st century.

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