Timeline of Humanity
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The brilliant spirits of extraordinary people have led the world into new dimensions throughout time. They have been architects, musicians, philosophers, writers, painters, and artists. With their works they have shaped eras and created an imperishable cultural heritage. In each age, inventors and entrepreneurs have brought progress and prosperity to the world. They conquered markets with their new technologies and products. Courageous heroes left the earth with rocket propulsion and landed on the moon.

Why Timeline? 

But we also recognize that on all continents, humanity has left a bloody, brutal and ruthless trail. Strong rulers created empires with their militaries and overran foreign countries with their weaponry. They left countless dead on battlefields and committed genocides. Poverty, epidemics and catastrophes have taken deadly tolls in each century and among all classes of society. With uprisings and revolutions, people tried to improve their situations. Throughout the ages, people sought God, and numerous founders of religion raised their heads.

This is the history of mankind, and it is not yet finished!

Timeline-of-Humanity is the platform that reveals connections. Find out which personalities, events and periods fall into which era. See how everything influences each other and determines our fate until today. Timeline-Of-Humanity has extensive text and video collections and offers education and entertainment. Check it out right now!

History is written by extraordinary men and women like Neil Armstrong.
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!"

The above text describes in short what Timeline-Of-Humanity is essentially about. It is the history of humanity and explains the reasons why it is so interesting and also scary. It has to do with the fact that people thirst for power, influence, wealth and also revenge. In this enumeration only some examples are called, because humans unite in itself positive and negative characteristics and in each culture and at all times. 

What can we finally learn from history? Well, one fact is that people never become better. There may be phases in the history of a nation where people are better off and injustice is less, but at the same time, only in other places, the situation can quickly become worse again. Or it was never good at all. Is there no hope for the people? Well, people have always sought comfort and encouragement in religions, philosophies and teachings. Timeline-Of-Humanity also describes people who have found happiness. Find out who they are on the list of articles.

If you are interested in becoming an author, we recommend you to register. This way you can join the circle of authors yourself. We have writers from many regions of the world and with this mix we can develop interesting content. There are still only a few articles about the different historical periods, but we are working on increasing the number of articles.

Perhaps the time has not yet come to become active on the platform. What is not yet, can still become later. If you have read many articles, then you also get a good feeling how an article should be structured. Here is the list of all the people, events and time periods we already cover.

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